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Another NGB4 audition cake, using movement (the tree spins), and lights. It was hard to capture the effect of the lights…they looked very cool when you dimmed the lights! The tree itself was rice krispy covered with fondant.



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A collection of gum paste flowers, to show the fine folks at NGB 4 that Daniele and I could do something besides cupcakes. I especially enjoyed making the lily, but it’s not something to make in hurry. Pieces have to dry overnight before going on to the next step. At least they last longer than ‘real’ flowers!



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Danielle and I made this cake to show what we could do together, for our NGB4 audition video. Pound cake formed the snake, as it is easier to carve. Danielle used one of her own red-tailed ¬†boas (she and her dad used to bred them, believe it or not!) to figure out the coloration pattern. It was covered in fondant, … Read More



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A four tier buttercream creation, using the ombre effect, from large rosettes on the bottom, to the dot and smear technique, ending with ruffles on top.



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This gluten free creation had fondant-covered rice krispy center, while the flowers and leaves were on gluten free cupcakes, one of which contained a hidden immunity idol. Our friends’ daughter was having a Survivor themed party, so the cake wasn’t just a part of the meal, but also a part of the game. I put an actual candle where the … Read More



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After years of waiting, our friends were finally ready to bring home a little special needs girl from China. My idea was to recreate an open umbrella with a special message: Welcome home, Omi, in Chinese. My daughter, Hannah, painted the branches for me, while I focused on creating the golden Chinese characters on the side, which said, Beloved Daughter, … Read More