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  1. Delia Anderson

    I have watched every season of the next great baker and have to say I was very sad to see you and your daughter leave. There is such talent there and I really wanted to see you both go further on the show. Everything you baked for the judges, was fun to watch them taste as they loved your baking. I love to bake for my family and gatherings with our friends. I cannot find a good recipe for a chocolate cake or cupcakes and the fact that Buddy was so impressed with both I wondered if you would be sharing your recipes soon. I have already copied the three recipes you posted on your website and can’t wait to try them. Delia Anderson, Chicago

    1. Julie Voudrie

      I’m finally recovering from Danielle’s wedding and getting caught up on things, like responding to comments! I will share more recipes soon, including my chocolate cake!

  2. Edna Sams

    I enjoyed u and your daughter on next great baker. Your team should have went all the way. I was wandering if u have a bakery and do you take apprentices. I would love to learn to decorate cakes and other desserts. Thank you for your time.

    1. Julie Voudrie

      We’ve had lots of people ask us if we have a bakery, and we don’t. But I do special orders from my ‘home’ bakery for sure! In the near future, I hope to create some videos and cookbooks to help share my love for baking with others. Thanks for asking!

  3. Carol Shell

    I seen you on my local t.v. show and you said to brine a turkey in a garbage bag. Well I’ll have you know that garbage bags have bug killing chemicals and distract bugs from the garbage. You can’t use that to brine a turkey.

    1. Julie Voudrie

      Thanks for the tip! I did a little research, and while I couldn’t find an internet source that talked about bug killing chemicals in the bags I’ve used in the past, I do see where other plastic bags would be a better choice, such as the extra large zip lock bag, or even a turkey roasting bag, like the one I bake my turkey in. I always buy extra large turkeys and never had a container big enough to brine in, so a bag in a cooler worked best for me. Next year, I’ll be looking for the giant zip lock bag instead.

  4. Martha

    Hi Julie, I am a teacher and have just been “volunteered” to bring a dessert for about 30 people. What would you recommend?

    1. Julie Voudrie

      First off, thanks for being a teacher! Now, on to dessert! Pound cake can serve quite a crowd, especially if slices are kept small. Though they take at least an hour to bake, they take little time to put together. And you can modify the basic recipe by adding different flavors and add ins. You can check out my all-time favorite pound cake recipe here:
      By the way, I just finished teaching a cake baking class at ETSU. One of my students is a local high school math teacher and she took this pound cake to school. Her principal said it was the best pound cake she’d ever had. Hope you have success with your dessert, whatever you choose!


  5. Kathy Hall

    I am signed up to take the baking course starting Monday at ETSU, but I can’t find any list of supplies, even though it said on the original post that there is a supply list. Please let me know what I need to bring.

    1. Julie Voudrie

      Sorry about the confusion, Kathy! ETSU put that sentence in there in case I needed to ask the students to bring something to class, which at this point, I don’t. In fact, I did all the shopping yesterday and we are ready to roll! For my other classes, students would bring their own containers to bring home the goodies they baked but that’s completely up to you. I can’t wait to to meet you and the rest of the students on Monday. This is going to be a very fun class!

      Blessings, Julie

  6. James and George

    We just wanted to take the time to say how much you inspired us! We were watching the previous season of The Next Great Baker and we totally think you and Roxanne deserved to win! The show got us into baking and we are now baking at least one dessert a day! We will always be team pink!👨🏻‍🍳💝
    James and George

    1. Julie Voudrie

      James and George,

      How sweet! Our time on the show was certainly the experience of a life time! And while we didn’t win the title, we were still winners, in that we made some amazing friends and discovered so much about ourselves. Danielle, who had bronchitis throughout our episodes, was such a trouper and proved what a strong young lady she was. For me, I found out I was a baker and I had a passion to share that love with others. And I get to do that here in my hometown, every other Friday, on WJHL’s Daytime Tri-Cities. Maybe someday other doors will open for me, but thanks so much for sharing how we inspired you to get into baking!

      P.S. Danielle and her husband Bryan are expecting our first grandchild in early 2018! Now THAT is exciting!

  7. James and George

    Sorry when i was typing we were talking about the Maroon team so I said Roxanne instead of Danielle! We totally think you and Danielle deserved to win!
    Sorry about that,
    James and George

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