Welcome… To Baking With Julie!

I’m so glad you dropped by to visit! Maybe you’re curious to find out more about that momma in a pink chef coat you saw on TLC’s Next Great Baker Season 4.

Maybe you’re looking for memorable cake to celebrate a special life event. Perhaps you’re searching for a motivational speaker to bless and encourage your group.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here!

Faith, family and food…and in that order…that’s what defines my life. Everything I do reflects those core essentials, be it parenting or mentoring,baking or cake decorating, speaking or teaching, singing or writing.

For the truly curious, I have shared the stories of my cake journey, life journey and adoption journey, as well as my cake galleries, links to public speaking videos, music video and the like.

And, don’t forget my blog, where I share Julie’s Crumbs, my perspective on life as a mom of seven children and much more.

If you were here in person, I’d offer you a warm slice of bread or some produce from my garden to take home (zucchini, anyone??) but that’s a little hard to do online! So for now, I hope youenjoy your visit to my online home, and have a blessed day!




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8 Comments on “Welcome To Baking With Julie”

  1. Cheyenne

    I just would like to say I love what you and your daughter are doing and representing. I”ve learn that in life as long as you Jesus in life everything is going ok. My question for you is do you offer like instruction on what you do. I decorate cakes also but not like y’all. I love to do it. I live in Jonesborough Tn. I hope you have a blessed day.

  2. Sandy Sessions

    I live in Greeneville, Tennessee and was wandering if you have a bakery your cakes look sooooooo gooooood would love to try them. You are an inspiration. Thank you and God bless

  3. Laura Graham

    If you ever offer baking classes, please notify me. I thought you and your daughter were wonderful bakers on Next Great Baker and your testimony through your life and behavior were outstanding.

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