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A mom wanted a princess cake for her little girl, and I thought it would be great to make the little girl the princess! So I duplicated her face and hair so she could be the star of her cake and her party.

Julie VoudriePrincess


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My Grace loved the idea of being a bejeweled queen, so I made this cake with an edible crown and jewels for her. I used a homemade chocolate-like covering, almost like a tootsie roll in flavor. Very good, but lots of work! But Grace was worth it!

Julie VoudrieCrown


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Every area has its own favorite college team, and around here, everyone bleeds orange…for the University of Tennessee Volunteers. This gentleman was a big Vols fan, so his mother requested this cake for his 40th birthday. Go Vols!

Julie VoudrieVols


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A blast from the past, for my second oldest daughter who wanted something with ‘fondant’ on it. Well, she got what she asked for! I wouldn’t put this much fondant on one cake today (most people just throw it away and eat the cake underneath anyway!), but it was fun to create this design for her.

Julie VoudrieFondant

Curious George

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Grace’s first birthday cake (she was 6) was of her favorite TV character, Curious George. She loved watching that show as she was learning to speak English, and seeing all the mischief George would get into. Good stories transcend culture and Grace has become quite the story teller herself. Perhaps someday she will create her own character for children to love!

Julie VoudrieCurious George


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This was Aaron’s second birthday cake. The first year he was with us, his palette was still getting used to American food and cake still wasn’t something he was into. Well, that changed! So for his 9th birthday, he wanted a Bowser to share with his friends. I printed out a picture of Bowser and cut it apart to get the lines just right, using different icing tips … Read More

Julie VoudrieBowser


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Leah loves plants and flowers so this sweet little gardening cake was just perfect for her. I had a blast making all the little edible details, from mini potatoes and carrots, to garden tools and cabbages. We made chocolate dirt, watermelons, pumpkins…you name it! The smile on her face made all the work worth while.

Julie VoudrieGarden


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Friends from Sierra Leone, now American citizens, asked me to make a cake for their son’s first birthday. On one tier, I told their adoption story from start to finish, and on the second tier, the story of their son’s first year with his new family. For those who have not been through the adoption process before, it can be quite the roller coaster ride. … Read More

Julie VoudrieAdoption


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Ever tried to combine birthday cakes for kids more than ten years apart? That’s what this cake is, a combo cake for an 18 year old young man and his little sister. One side is Blue’s Clues and the other is hunting, fishing and soccer…you can guess which side is which! A fondant waterfall, covered with blue piping gel separates the two … Read More

Julie VoudrieCombo


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My very first gluten free cake was for a sweet little 2 year old and her guests. I used french custard and raspberry filling to jazz up the flavor for the monkey cake. The colors are from her nursery decor.

Julie VoudrieMonkey