Oh Baby! Gender Reveal and Shower Ideas

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Few events in life are as exciting as expecting your first child. Or your first grandchild!

That’s the story behind the September 22nd, 2017 segment on Daytime Tri-Cities. My husband and I are grandparents-to-be, thanks to our oldest daughter, Danielle. She and her husband, Bryan, are expecting their first child early next year and we thought this was the perfect time to do another Daytime segment together and celebrate this joyous time in our lives. The next day, Danielle and Bryan will surprise us all by revealing whether “Little Dumplin'” is a girl or a boy and I honestly don’t know how I’ll react. I’ll be thrilled either way!

This week it’s not about recipes as much as it is ideas. So here’s some fun ways to welcome the latest edition into the family!

Gender Reveal and Baby Shower Cupcakes

There’s so many ways to do this one. One of the easiest is to start with a white cake batter and dye a small portion either pink or blue. You can put a spoonful of the dyed batter at the bottom of the cupcake liner and fill the rest with white, or swirl some dyed batter into each liner filled with white. If doing the swirled method, don’t fill too high, as you want your cake to be easily covered with frosting, so you don’t spoil the surprise. Using a no-fade liner or aluminum foil liners like I did means your cake color won’t peak through.

To frost, you can go really simple, using white frosting and colored sprinkles. Add little plastic pins, bottles or clothespins for decoration. You can dye both pink and blue frosting, and put both together into your pastry bag, side by side, for swirled effect.

One super cute idea is “Rattle” cupcakes. Simply take a candy stick (I cut my down slightly for length), push a gumdrop onto one end and a ribbon to the other. I used a skewer to poke through my silver cupcake liner, then inserted the stick into the hole.


Baby Fruit Carriage

It’s great to have a healthy option and this creative display gives you just that. I used slices of pineapple, orange and a grape along with skewers to form the wheels. I made a flat slice on the bottom to keep my melon stable. To make the ‘baby’, I took a section of peeled cantaloupe. You only need a curved section that can peak through the fruit. I used blueberries for eyes, a real pacifier, and sliced grapes for eyebrows. There are many ways to put a display like this together, as you can see.


Onesie Cake

Bake a 9 X 13 cake. Out of one narrow side, cut out the neck hole. At the bottom, cut off the corners to make the leg holes. Use the former corners to form the sleeves at the top. Frost as desired, going as elaborate or as simple as you want. You can even just frost it white and decorate with sprinkles. I used a strawberry cake as it was already pink, but a white cake batter could easily be tinted blue. If the gender is already known, use whatever cake flavor you like.

Hershey Bars, He or She

Use a permanent marker to color in the HE and SHE on Hershey bars for party favors or a candy bar bouquet, by using skewers attached with packing tape to the back of each bar. The little bars make fun party snacks, too.

Wear Your Guess

Paint clothespins, some pink and some blue, and let your guests wear their guess.



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Julie VoudrieOh Baby! Gender Reveal and Shower Ideas

4 Comments on “Oh Baby! Gender Reveal and Shower Ideas”

  1. Margaret Kreynus

    Love your Julie’s Crumbs. Thank you for all the tips and recipes you share.
    Do you have a cookbook I could purchase?

    1. Julie Voudrie

      I”m so glad you enjoy my ‘crumbs’! As for cookbooks, I have several based off of baking classes I’ve taught at ETSU. I plan to compile them and make them available in the near future.


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