Triple Chocolate Cookies Recipe

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Baking memories and inspiring others to do the same…that is the essence of my culinary personality. These delicious, Triple Chocolate Cookies recipe have filled our kitchen with their enticing aroma for years and bring the kids running every time. My older two daughters, who would grow impatient waiting on Mom to make the next batch, began making these cookies themselves. … Read More

adminTriple Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Sour Cream Pound Cake Recipe | A Memorable Dessert!

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The best dessert recipe I’ve ever made…in under two hours! You don’t have to master complicated techniques and use expensive ingredients to create a memorable and delightful dessert. What makes the Sour Cream Pound Cake so special is that it is good enough to stand on its own, while also being a culinary canvas around which you can create a … Read More

adminSour Cream Pound Cake Recipe | A Memorable Dessert!